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Spirit Airlines have not created such a good impression on the minds of people but maybe it is because people do not know the right way of traveling with Spirit Airlines. To avoid any kind of confusion at any stage of travel, passengers have to follow step by step guidance on booking tickets through Spirit Airlines reservations official site. Making Spirit Airlines reservations is fast and simple just with a simple phone call to all experts for making ticket bookings.

Spirit Airlines Reservations

Spirit Airlines Phone Number Details

DetailsPhone Number
Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number1-855-936-0309
Spirit Airlines Reservations Number1-855-936-0309
Spirit Airlines Booking Number1-855-936-0309
Spirit Airlines Group Travel1-801-401-2222
Spirit Airlines Vacations Phone Number1-954-379-8866
Spirit Airlines Baggage Phone Number1-877-888-5926
Spirit Airlines Disability Assistance1-800-772-7117
Spirit Airlines Cancellation1-801-401-2222
HubsAtlantic City, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit–Metro, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando
Fleet size154
HeadquartersMiramar, Florida, U.S.

Things to know About Spirit Airlines Booking

Spirit is also referred to as Ultra Low-Cost Carrier Airlines. Spirit Airlines is not designed for everyone and if you are planning for low budget travel, it is the right airline for you! Before purchasing tickets, comparing Spirit Airlines Reservations tickets with other websites come in handy. The fares include only one personal item like a briefcase or purse. Fees have to be paid for checked-in bags at $30 and the large luggage bags start at $35 for each bag.

Spirit Airlines have a large impact on passengers because of which there is heavy demand for seats. And, getting seats rebooked becomes very difficult. Always have back up plans when traveling with Spirit Airlines.

Flight Check-in Process

The check-in process is simpler with Spirit Airlines and in case you have heavy luggage, pay fees online as bag fees are higher when done at airports. The check-in is done 24 hours before departure and you can print your boarding pass at the airport through web check-in or kiosk as well. While checking in, you can choose your seat by paying an extra amount. The impact of Spirit Airlines reservations is getting

Mostly one gets seats automatically booked on the same day of reservation. If you have heavy luggage, enter with a web check-in or kiosk and drop all bags at the security checkpoints. The process of making Spirit Airlines booking is very easy and flexible and can be done by almost anyone from any part of the world.

Boarding Process

Spirit Airlines boarding gates are mostly full and you can relax as your name will be called out at the boarding gate. The experts at gates do not stop anyone unless the bags are extremely large. If you are carrying large bags, chances are that you will have to pay $65 at the gate. Check your bag at the gate itself for correct dimensions and the check-in fare of the bags at the counter is lesser than the gates. Also, make Spirit Airlines reservations for getting 24×7 expert guidance.

Spirit Airlines Flight Booking Process

Booking tickets from the Spirit Airlines reservations official site seems cheaper than getting it at the counter. The ticket counters are open only at the time of flights. Compare prices from third parties before booking. The airlines provide promo code sales as discounts on the base fares. Get Spirit Airlines flight booking for getting all alerts promo codes. Spirit Airlines flight booking is hassle-free and it can be done within a matter of seconds.

Spirit Airlines also comes with a club membership program for all exclusive annual fares. One can add a 60-day trial at $ 19.95 for the entire booking process. There will be a discount on the bag fees as well on the membership form. Booking tickets through Spirit Airlines reservation official site will provide passengers with extras and bonuses at every step of booking tickets. The lowest price can be ensured with Spirit Airlines Reservations but passengers need to pay for the amount of baggage and the price will be reasonable. The first extra at the booking stage is “Thrills Combo”. It includes one 50 lb, the checked-in baggage of 10lb, seat selection, double miles, and priority boarding. All of these separately would cost huge but with membership, all of these costs are saved. The process also has selections of hotels and car rentals.

After filling in all details of the passengers, click on the “Continue without” button, and in the detail list only, you will be asked to add bags and extras if any required. It is a 10-step booking process on the last of which there is the payment page. Click on the “booking reservation” and you will receive a booking confirmation email for the same.

Try Spirit Airlines reservations for flying and they have started their own WI FI facility. The snacks and beverages cost extra but everything is worth it with Spirit Airlines flight booking.

Call Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number USA 1-855-936-0309 – Features

Contact Number to Dial1-855-936-0309 ( 24*7 )
Back Call ( Available )Yes
Real Person Picked up CallYes
Calling DepartmentReservations Help Desk
Customer Service Center Hours24 hours 7 days
Dialing Best Time8:00AM
Waiting Average 
Current Wait20
Phone Number ( Rank )1
Overall Rank1
Alternate MethodsWebsite, E-mail, Contact Number
Communication Quality68%
Help Quality85%
Votes of Customer4,123

Spirit Airlines Booking FAQs

1. Can passengers choose their seats?

In Spirit Airlines Reservations Passengers can choose their seats and the prices vary depending on the flight between $1 to $175. The seat prices also depend on location and the seat size. But, if seating does not matter to you and you are comfortable t sit with anyone, then you can get the boarding passes and seat for free during the check-in process.

2. Our in-flight entertainment and food allowed?

Food and entertainment are not allowed free of cost in Spirit Airlines and you have to pay for any service through your debit or credit cards. There is no facility of free WI FI and there are no back-seat TV screens either. You can make Spirit Airlines reservations at low fares because of this purpose. Bring in your laptop, notebook, or any entertainment system for full entertainment during the journey.

3. Is it possible to check-in online?

It is allowed in most cases apart from the following:
* For unaccompanied minors or groups extending 10 members
* Those who have a Military ID
* Those people who have purchased for an extra seat
* For travelers with infants in their laps
* Those people traveling with service animals or any kind of pets.

4. What are the baggage fees?

Anytime you make Spirit Airlines reservations, one personal item is included for free. It can be a laptop bag, purse, or briefcase. Anything bigger than the defined dimensions have to be paid for. The price to be paid depends on the flight and destination. But, if you have already paid for bags during booking time, you have to pay less at the airport.


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