Make WestJet Reservations and Get Amazing Ticket Deals

Westjet Airlines is one of the largest airlines that started in 1996 and provides reasonable tickets to customers. It provides airlines to 100 destinations all across different countries in the world. Westjet booking can be done by calling toll number for all discounts and last-minute bookings can be done by deals and discounts. So, call the toll free number for making Westjet reservations. Westjet Airline is the second-largest Canadian airline and about 777 flights have been running taking up to 66, 130 passengers daily. In a recent moment, all new flights with Westjet Airlines will result in more rewards. Any kind of cancellation will be credited to the Travel Bank Account regarding Westjet.

WestJet Reservations

In-flight Entertainment Services

In WestJet Reservations all Westjet cheap flights ticket come with a 5-inch touch screen seatback TV for all seats of the airlines.  Satellite TVs are used for Canadian airlines. All channels are available from news, sports to children’s channels. There is also a facility of regional maps using GPS with great speed for letting people know where they are traveling. Passengers are also allowed to use their cell phones and laptops. You can access games, movies, magazines, TV shows both in business and premium classes. 

Seating Options

Westjet reservations have been making a huge impact with all its services and utilities. Seats in WestJet cheap flights can be booked way in advance using the Manage trips options and they are offering three varying ranges of seats:

  • The Basic seat

The basic seat will get the emergency exit seat along with standard and preferred seats but with payment of a higher fee.

  • Econo

Econo and Basic are very much similar to each other with extra legroom in the Emergency seating area and passengers can select their special seats.

  • EconoFlex

By any chance, if you miss out on the chance of WestJet booking tickets, then the seat will be booked automatically without any fee at the time of check-in. 

Westjet Airlines Reservations on meals and beverages

For any kind of complimentary snacks and beverages during Westjet flight booking for flights below 4 hours, it is provided but the alcoholic drinks will be served only at additional fees. Onboard meals will be served on all economic classes. Food and beverages are all complimentary in both premium and business class airlines. So, booking Westjet reservations provides nutritious and healthy meals. In case you are traveling internationally with Westjet Airlines, all beverages whether alcoholic or not, and snacks are free on all flights. Three of the flights are offering customers with cold sandwiches, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Baggage Allowance and Details

WestJet Reservations provides passengers with the provision of carrying two bags, one is the check-in bag and the other is the carry-on bag that must fit properly in the cabin of the flight. 

Some flights provide passengers to carry 2-3 luggage while the provision of 4-6 baggage with additional fees is also allowed. In the case of extra baggage, additional fees are necessary. The carry-on bag should not exceed the dimensions of 53cmx23cmx38cm and the dimensions of the personal item should not exceed 41cmx15cmx33cm.

Westjet Reservations for infants traveling 

When you are traveling with an infant, you have to keep in mind certain precautions. You do not need flight tickets for infants as they are allowed to sit in a lap and anyone who is a minimum of 6 years in age. If you have a car seat for your infant, then it should have the date of birth and spelling of your infant properly during WestJet Reservations.

Online Westjet Flight Cancellation 

If on the day of departure, you are not able to travel, then you can cancel your Westjet cheap tickets in following aforesaid ways:

  • Visit the official website of Westjet Airlines.
  • The location of the tab “Manage and Plan” is the next option that you have to search for.
  • You will find the “Manage and Plan” option in the drop-down menu button.
  • Select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • You will be required to provide WestJet Reservations numbers and also the last name of the passenger in the Tab option.
  • You have gone to the Manage option and choose the Cancel Flight option for further period notice.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions to check whether you have canceled the flight successfully and it will appear on the main page of the website. 

The process related to making Westjet reservations is very simple and you can visit their website or talk to an expert for the same. 

WestJet Airlines Booking FAQs

1. How many bags are allowed in Westjet Airlines?

While traveling with Westjet Encore, you are allowed 2 to 3 bags while for all other travelings, you are allowed to carry 2 to 4 bags. It all depends on the destination where for short hauls, you are allowed 2 bags. 

2. How to get the best price while making WestJet Flight booking?

Before WestJet flight booking, check out the booking calendar for all kinds of offers and deals. You will get tickets at lower prices. Using the factor “Hold the Fare” you get more time to decide on booking of tickets. Sign up with the website for all kinds of email notifications. WestJet Reservations will offer exciting deals and discounts while signing up for the page before booking your ticket.

3. Is there any kind of fee for carrying a personal item?

1 personal item with 1 carry on baggage is free on Westjet reservations. The size suggested should match with the dimensions and requirements. The dimensions should not exceed 53x23x58cm and for all the personal items, the sizes should not exceed 16613 inches.

4. Are there any reservations for pets?

For all pets’ reservations in WestJet Reservations, you have to contact with the airport authorities as it cannot be done online. For all pets traveling in the cabin or checked-in luggage, pet kennel fees have to be given. A limited number of pets are allowed on flights. The booking of pets should be done easily and as soon as possible.

5. Is the Internet required for watching TV shows and movies?

No extra payment is required for any watching of movies and TV shows in WestJet Reservations. All of these are accessible without any internet connection.


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